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Founded in 2005, Screenland Literary Associates is a boutique agency helping an eclectic mix of authors and illustrators find publishing outlets for their work. We specialize in children’s books, but do occasionally represent adult fiction and non-fiction authors when the subject or manuscript is special. 


Screenland LA also provides consulting services to companies who need help with their publishing needs. We specialize in working with media and IP owners helping them develop and execute their property plans, strategies and goals.


Paula Allen, the founder and principal agent of Screenland LA, is a publishing executive with over two decades of experience in developing and managing publishing business units, and representing authors. Her specialties are literary representation, contract negotiation, business planning, strategy and management of IP’s.

Screenland LA is a proud partner to the following entertainment and media companies.

Amy Weingartner got the writing bug early—at the age of 11 she wrote her first play, a keenly-felt “dramedy” about Santa Claus not wanting to work one Christmas, told from the point of view of Mrs. Claus. For first place, she won the class prize, a Three Musketeers bar. With a Masters degree in English and American Lit and an MFA in Fiction Writing, and over a decade of teaching writing at the college level, Amy is currently a writing coach, agent, and professor screenwriting, graphic novel, and fiction writing. She has edited hundreds of issues of magazines and books for Marvel Entertainment, Disney Publishing, Warner Bros. and more—from children’s titles, chapter books, YA novels, and comics/graphic novels to fiction, film books, and coffee table/art books. As a Director at Disney for 15 years she has substantial experience in brand management, cross-promotions and licensing. Her own published writing includes short stories in The Massachusetts Review, essays in The New York Times, magazine feature articles, comics published by Disney and Warner Bros./D.C. Comics, and many children’s books—original storybooks as well as a middle-grade chapter book series featuring Disney characters.

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