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Screenland LA will accept new book and screenplay submissions only via email at    Please only submit one project at a time, and  ensure that your name, and contact details are in the cover letter and on the manuscript/screenplay cover page.  Please use page numbers on all submissions.


For Book Submissions:


Please send a cover letter describing the type of work you are submitting, the target audience of the work (example: a kids book for preschoolers, a middle grade chapter book, or an adult non-fiction work), and a short synopsis of the work.  Attach a PDF of the first 3 chapters or 50 pages of the manuscript.


If you are submitting a short format children’s board or picture book, please send the entire manuscript.


If you are an illustrator, you may attach a sample of your artwork (low-res PDF is preferred).  Zipped files will not be opened.

For Screenplay Submissions: 

Please send a cover letter describing your script, the target audience, and a short synopsis (the elevator pitch / logline).  Attach the entire screenplay or pilot episode


If we are interested in your submission, we’ll be in touch within 60 days.  If you have not heard from us after 60 days, we are unable to take your project on.


It is Screenland LA’s policy to destroy submissions after 60 days. 

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